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Magoki-Attori Mosque


Magoki-Attori Mosque means “Deep mosque”. It is a mosque of XII-XVI centuries in Bukhara, located next to the ensemble Labi House, in the ...
Jami Mosque


Jami Mosque (the second name of the mosque is Juma Mosque Khoja Ahrar Wali) - a modern building, which has a very ancient history. Medieval mosque and...
Islam Khoja complex


Islam-Hoja Minaret was built in 1908 by Prime Minister of Khiva Khanate - Islam-Hoja. The minaret is a symbol of the country, is an early example of t...
Chiyal Bazaar


There is an unremarkable at first sight Chiyal Bazaar in Kashkadarya region in Uzbekistan. Nevertheless, here you can meet a buyer and seller from a n...


  Afrasiab is an ancient settlement, its area more than 200 hectares, located on the northern suburb of modern Samarkand. The city was named in ...
Ark Citadel


Ark Citadel is the most ancient monument of Bukhara. According to the archaeological excavations, the citadel belongs to IV-III centuries. Fortress ar...
Architectural complex Dakhma-and-Shahan


 The architectural complex Dakhma-and-Shahan is a family tomb of Kokand khans. The building was built by great Uzbek poet Nadira in honor of her ...
University Boulevard


  University Boulevard is located in the centre of Samarkand, close to the hotels "Afrasiab" and "President". Samarkand State University is the ...
Complex Khoja Zaynutdin


Architectural Complex Khoja Zaynutdin was built on the bank of one of the oldest hauzes (ponds) Bukhara, in the first half of the XVI century. The com...
Memorial complex Dorus Saodat


  Memorial complex Dorus Saodat means «power receptacle», its construction was begun in 1380. This grand complex was designed for the...

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