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Architectural complex Pir Siddik

 The architectural complex Pir Siddik was built in the middle of the XVIII century in Margilan, 15 kilometers from Fergana. The complex consists of a mosque, minaret and courtyard with the tomb of Pir Siddik. Local people call it “Pigeon” complex.

  There is an old legend about miraculous rescue of the holy Pir Siddik. When Holy was escaping from enemies, he hit in a cave where the doves made nests at the entrance. When the pursuers came to the cave and saw the bird sitting quietly, they thought that there is nobody inside, otherwise the birds would show concern.

  Since then doves are revered in Marghilan. Initially there was a dome in the tomb of Pir Siddiq, which was supported by four wooden pillars, the trunk of one of them was decorated with magnificent carvings. Decorative portal was designed the entrance arch of the tomb, traditional for the Fergana Valley.

  The mosque and minaret Pir Siddiq are in the eastern part of the complex. A tomb itself is surrounded by a fence with a monumental portal-domed entrance – darvazahona. There is a dovecote whose inhabitants are considered sacred.

  Monuments of medieval architecture are not preserved because of frequent earthquakes in Margilan. Architectural complex Pir Siddik is the oldest and most unusual place of worship in the city.


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