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Said Akhmad-khoja Madrasah

  Said Akhmad-khoja Madrasah is one of the attractions of Marghilan, which was built in the end of XIX century. It is square courtyard (32.5 x 32.5 m). There is a mosque with ayvan, surrounded by hujras in the north-western corner. Old plane trees and a ditch running through the yard, create shade and coolness here.

  Said Ahmad-khoja madrasah is one of the mosques in Fergana Valley, where the ceiling of ayvan and hall is fully decorated. The ceiling of the hall is divided into red and green stripes, decorated with flowers and curly sprouts. Overlap of ayvan is decorated in the same colors, but there is a small floral pattern. An elegant geometric pattern (zanzhira) separates the surface of the walls on the rectangular panel. The completion of the walls decoration is a traditional two-colored frieze, made in the technique of “kyrma”.

  Nowadays believers study the Koran and the Hadith in the madrasah Said Ahmad-khoja. There are 26 hujras, where artisans are engaged in gold embroidery, silk weaving (the manufacture of carpets and atlases), as well as they create jewels, metal and wooden products.


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