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Ferghana valley

Ferghana valley (pearl of Central Asia) is surrounded by Tien Shan and Hissar-Alai mountains and the Syr Darya River. There are evidences in Chinese annals that the Ferghana Valley has always played a significant historical and cultural role.
As there were found the ruins of ancient cities and monuments, one can surely to say that in ancient times the valley was the center of various civilizations. The Ferghana Valley area is 80 thousand sq km, where located two neighboring states Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
In XVIII-XIX centuries the valley was the center of the Kokand Khanate, in 1876 it became part of the Russian Empire (Ferghana region). As it was already mentioned above, today there are ruins of ancient cities, monuments, forts on the territory of Ferghana valley. Having visited the pearl of Central Asia and this beautiful blooming oasis, you will have the unique opportunity to visit Rishtan city, which is famous for its pottery, large religious city centerNorbuta-Biy Madrassah, magnificent complex Khudoyar Khan, as well as many interesting and beautiful places.
The Ferghana Valley is also famous for its apple, peach, cherry orchards and vineyards. After visiting here, be sure to enjoy not only the beauty of nature, but also its delicious ripe fruits.


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