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Architectural complex Dakhma-and-Shahan

 The architectural complex Dakhma-and-Shahan is a family tomb of Kokand khans. The building was built by great Uzbek poet Nadira in honor of her husband Umarkhan who had the reputation of the most peaceful ruler of Kokand. He was buried in this tomb. Later madrasa Chalpak was built near the mausoleum, which was decorated with green garden.

In 1882 Umarkhan suddenly died, their son Muhammad Ali was appointed Khan. After her husband's death, Nadira devoted all her life to the poetry. Several Kokand madrasas, mosques and caravanserais are associated with her name.

Umarkhan was quite famous poet for his time, so calligraphers, painters and poets were brought closer to Khan's court. Amiri is a pseudonym, which he signed his ghazals. The ensemble consisted of an input room with a dome and a magnificent entrance portal, decorated with mosaic patterns of glazed blue tiles. The base of the dome was covered with the same bright tiles. Funeral prayers were recited in aivan small mosque, which was behind a beautiful fence. Stone tombs, under which lie Umarkhan, his brothers, sons and grandsons is an artistic value, covered with wood carving. There are inscriptions from the Koran and the lines of Umarkhan poems on the door of the tomb.

Dakhma-and-Shahan is one of the most prominent buildings, erected by order of Nadira. It was a complicated architectural complex, which is characteristic for memorial architecture of Ferghana Valley.


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