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Fergana Regional Museum

  Fergana Regional Museum is one of the oldest museums in Uzbekistan. The fund of the museum has a fine collection of items, relating to all periods of history, culture and art of Fergana valley. The museum collection has more than 80 thousand.

  On May 26, 1899 there was the solemn opening of "National Museum of Fergana region". The museum collection had 2223 items and books. A new department of archeology was opened in 1928. In 1938 the museum began its activity as a regional museum. The number of exhibits had been exceeded 15 thousand units by that time.

  The museum has begun its activity in the field of archeology since 1950. Today, the archeology fund of the museum has one of the richest collections in Fergana (more than 9 million units), as well as negatives, photographs and documents that reflect people’s life of Fergana valley.

 Today, the Fergana Regional Museum has all kinds of modern technical equipments. In 2009 and 2012 the workers of the museum participated with reports in two major international conferences in Egypt and Japan. It is important to note that the most part of the exhibits were represented in international exhibitions. The exposition of the museum was exhibited in 2000 in Germany and in 2003 in England.

  Fergana Regional Museum is visited annually more than 60 thousand visitors. Thanks to the staff of the museum, here you can see the celebration of anniversaries not only at the national but also at international level. 


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