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Historical and architectural monuments of Kokand

Kokand is one of the centers of the fertile and densely populated Fergana Valley. Kokand lies 228 km southeast of Tashkent, within a few ancient oases at the turn of Central Asian and Chinese cultures. Kokand has been known since the X century as Kavakend and the center of caravan routes. Almost completely destroyed by the Mongols in the XII century, Kokand was one of the largest cities of the Bukhara Emirate in the XVI-XVII centuries, and in 1740-1876 years -the capital of the Khanate of Kokand, reached the peak by the middle of the XIX century.

The extant old regions of the city were built as a fortification complex in the XVIII century on the site of the ancient fortress Eski-Kurgan. The main sights of Kokand are the majestic palace of Khudoyar -Khan (1871), madrassah of Medresei-Mir (XVIII century), the architectural ensemble Dakhmai- Shokhon (1825), house-museum of Khamza and numerous craft workshops.


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