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Ferghana Regional Russian Drama Theatre

  Ferghana Regional Russian Drama Theatre named after Gorky was organized in 1931, when participants of amateur art groups were combined into professional collective. The repertoire mainly is consisted of Uzbek playwrights’ plays, drama and musical performances, as well as Russian works in translation of modern and classical playwrights.

  There were staged such plays as “Two communist” by K. Yashen, "Gulsara" by M. Mukhamedov, "Comrades" 1932, “The defeat” 1934, "Love and Honor" 1936, "Oftobhon 1945, "Hamza" by M. Umari, "Ravshan and Zulhumor" 1957, “Betrayer”, 1939 by Z. Fathullin, “Buds”, 1948, “Rustam”, 1934, “Leily and Medjnun” 1936, “Farhad and Shirin” 1947, "Song of Life" 1947, "Novbahor" 1949, "Altyn Kul” 1949, "Alisher Navoi" by A. Uigun, "Silk Suzanne" by A . Kahhar.

  Khamza’s plays also were staged by the collective of the theatre: “Tricks of Maisara”, “Bai and labourer”, "Holiskhon" 1940. There were also translated such Russian plays as: “Break” (1935), “Snowball grove” (1954) by Korneichuk, “Marriage” (1939, 1952), “Profitable post” (1946), “Guilty without fault” (1953) by Ostrovskiy, "Russian question" (1947), "Intrigue and Love" (1956), etc.

  Theatre troupe is also participated in guest performance in different areas of region. Fergana Region Russian Drama Theatre is one of the important cultural and theatre centres in its region. It is very popular among the spectators.


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