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Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble


Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble is one of the largest ensembles in the center of Bukhara, including into UNESCO World Heritage. There used to be slaughter bu...
Ishrat-Hona Mausoleum


Ishrat-Hona Mausoleum is located in the south-eastern part of Samarkand, was built in the second half of the XV century, during the reign of the Timur...
Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah


Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah is a part of architectural ensemble of Ulugbek Madrasah, however, it is much bigger and more beautiful. The portal of madrasah...
Winery 'Shohrud'


Winery 'Shohrud' is one of the sights of ancient Bukhara. For almost a century, 'Shohrud' has occupied a special place in the grape and wine industry ...

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