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 Sights of Uzbekistan

The Holy Dormition Cathedral


 The Holy Dormition Cathedral in Tashkentwas erected on January 31, 1879 in honor of Panteleimon. The building is Orthodox Church of Tashkent dio...

Mirzo Ulugbek Museum


  Mirzo Ulugbek Museum was erected in honor of the greatest scientist and statesman of the XV century, who made an invaluable contribution t...

Seven sacred Sufis of Bukhara


  Bukhara is the city where many thinkers, scientists, theologians, and poets lived. One of them is Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna). He is the author...

Pahlavan Mahmud Complex


  Pahlavan Mahmud complex is located not far from Juma Mosque. Pahlavan Mahmud is a local poet and philosopher who was famous for his heroic stre...

Olay bazaar


  Alay bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars of the city. Trade caravans to China, India, Europe, and the Middle East passed through the bazaar ove...

State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan


  State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan is located in Tashkent. It was established in July 12, 1876. The museum collection consists of 400 00...

Caravanseray Alla-Kuli-khan


  Caravanseray Alla-Kuli-khan  was built in 1835; it was one of the important places for merchants. There were rooms where kept raw silk and...

Kunya-Ark Fortress


  Kunya-Ark «old castle» was built in the end of 17th century in 1686-1688 by Anushakhan’s son Arangakhan. The total size of th...

Sultan-Saodat Ensemble


  Sultan-Saodat (Dominationof Seyid) is a cult-memorial complex, built over XII-XVII centuries. The ensemble consists of several religious buildi...

Complex Fayaz-Tepa


  Complex Fayaz-Tepa is situated at 4 kilometre's distance from modern Termez. It is irregular rectangle consisting from several buildings: monas...

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