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Sultan-Saodat Ensemble

  Sultan-Saodat (Dominationof Seyid) is a cult-memorial complex, built over XII-XVII centuries. The ensemble consists of several religious buildings: mosques, mausoleums, khanaka. The architectueal complex consists of 143 buildings.

  The first tomb was built on the northern edge of the complex. It refers to the XI century. Here lies the body of Hasan al Emir. The portal of the building is crowned with a huge dome of 15 meters. It the highest part of the ensemble. As opposed to the first ensemble, the interior of the second one is made much easier, its walls are smooth. In XIV century the main facade of the portal takes an entirely different view: the old masonry is changed to the new polished bricks. The initial view of the mosque arch is unknown as it was reconstructed very often. Today, the family tomb of Termez Seyyid is a pair of mausoleums, which in turn was a prototype for ensemble Sultan Saodat. In XV century two new mausoleums were attached to the façade of two tombs.

  Thanks to the unusual decoration and impressive size, the composition of the mausoleums is a wonderful architectural design. Today, the restoration work is carried out on the territory Sultan Saodat complex. Despite the magnificent ensemble was built in different styles, it is distinguished from other mausoleums by its structure and decoration.


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