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Complex Fayaz-Tepa

  Complex Fayaz-Tepa is situated at 4 kilometre's distance from modern Termez. It is irregular rectangle consisting from several buildings: monastery, refectory and big stupa. There are images of two Buddha on the left side of the entry. You can also see a lot of fragments of clay sculptures and sitting Buddha with two monks on the floor.

 The monastery complex consists of 13 rooms and courtyard with ayvan. The refectory was attached to the monastery on the left side. There are hearths for cooking in some of them, as well as skulls with inscriptions in Brahmi, Bactrian and other ancient languages. There also were found coins of Geliokl, Kanishka etc. In IV century was captured by Sasanid army that’s why it stopped functioning.

  It is important to note that the complex was named after the director of Surhandarya local history museum, R.F. Fayazov who participated in excavations of Buddha complex. According to archeological excavations, we know that monks used to live in the monastery as well as they provided accommodation for pilgrims. Today, Buddha complex Fayaz-Tepa is one of the museums in the open air and under guard of UNESCO.


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