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Termez is situated in the south, on the border with Afghanistan, on the left bank of the Amu Darya River. Modern Termez originated in the XIX century on the site of the village Pattagissar and Russian frontier post. However, the history of this region is very rich - the first settlements in this area date from the Bronze Age, and the old town, lying just west of the modern Termez and completely destroyed by the troops of Genghis Khan, considered as one of the largest centers of trade and a major center of Buddhism.
The remains of city walls, the Buddhist religious cave complex of Kara Tepe (II-III c), the remnants of the feudal city of the IX-XII centuries, Mazar – place of pilgrimage (mausoleum) of Khakim at- Termezi (XI-XV centuries.), the unique building Kirk -Kiz ("forty girls"), the ensemble of mausoleums of Sultan Saadat (XI-XVII cc.), Kokidor-Ata mausoleum (XVI century), Dzhakurgan minaret (1109), Archaeological Museum of Termez, and many Muslim and Buddhist buildings of different epochs are of interest. There is a lot of old mines, tunnels and cave cities In the mountains surrounding the city, many of them have not yet been studied properly.


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