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Minaret Djarkurgan

  Minaret Djarkurgan was built in 1109 by the order of Sultan San-jara, located in the village Minor (seven kilometer from the city Djarkurgan), its height is more than 21 meters and a diameter is 5.4 metres.

  The decoration of the minaret is not mosaic of colored tiles but masonry on ganch solution. The design is notable for that the tower consists of 16 half-columns in the shape of a flower or a star. According to researchers, originally the height of the tower was much more, there also was a second link, topped with a lantern.

  Minaret Djarkurgan was part of the large mosque, made of burnt brick. Its main function was to call people to the mosque for prayers. Later, the upper part of the minaret and the remains of the mosque were demolished on the bricks. According to the figure, the minaret and the mosque were separated from each other. There is an inscription on one of the rectangles of the minaret, which tells the name of the builder - the great architect Ali ibn Muhammad Sarahs.

  The figure in masonry form “firtree” creates a feeling of softness and elegance that gives a rich decorative construction. Today minaret Djarkurgan, ike other minarets, is one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Central Asia.


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