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 Sights of Uzbekistan

Abdulkasym Madrasah


  Abdulkasym Madrasah was built in 19th century by means of one of the most respected citizens - Sheikh Abdulkasym. According to history, th...

Said Muhammad-khan Madrasah


  Said Muhammad-khan Madrasah is located in one of the most picturesque places of Dishan-Kala. The building was built in 1876 after the death of ...

Juma Mosque


  Juma Mosque is located on the terrytory of the ancient architectural complex Ichan-Kala. It differs from other mosques of Khiva. There are no e...

Kurnysh-khan Palace


  One of the significant constructions of the old citadel Kunua-Ark is Kurnysh-khan Palace. This magnificent building was erected in 1806. The ar...



  Ancient settlement Yerkurgan is located 10 kilometers north-west of the modern town Karshi. It consists of two parts: the inner and outer citie...

Kok-Gumbaz Mosque


  One of the majestic and memorial complexes of Shahrisabz city is Kok-Gumbaz mosque “Blue Dome”. The mosque was built in 1435 on the...

Norbuta-biy Madrassah


  One of the magnificent structures of Kokand architects is Norbuta-biy madrassah. This monumental building was built in 1799 on Chorsu square, s...

Jami complex


The construction of the grand mosque Jami was begun at the beginning of the XIX century during the reign of Khan Umarkhan. Mosque area is quite large ...

Modarikhon Mausoleum


Modarikhon Mausoleum is a women tomb of khan’s dynasty. It is a small portal-dome construction. Unlike Dakhma-i-Shahan necropolis, that looks mo...

Mukimi Theatre


The Uzbek State Music Theatre Mukimi was founded November 30, 1939. The theatre premiere was comedy “Maysara’s tricks”, which was sh...

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