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Internet in Uzbekistan

Social media are now an important part of our life. We use them everywhere - and in travel too. What is the quality of Internet in Uzbekistan and Tashkent in particular? Let’s find out more.

Most of public Wi-Fi spots exist in Tashkent or every 3-star hotel in big cities and towns. They they are divided into types of free, paid and premium. Average internet speed is 4 mbit/s and this is enshrined in law of tourism course in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva.

Free public Wi-Fi will ask you for your mobile number and you’ll be forced to watch several local ads. Paid Wi-Fi requires a payment off your UzCard or Uzbek Visa so it's almost non-profitable for tourists and guests of our country. Premium Wi-Fi could be pre-paid in the airport or by tourism agency and the speed of it is always good, also you can switch spots while walking and no one of them will ask you for authentication. 

However, most of these Wi-Fi spots are located at off-road objects so you won’t be able to chit-chat at Khast Imam or Minor Mosque, for example. But there are Wi-Fi spots on metro stations and the web is called 'MetroTelecom', type is also divided into free, paid or premium.

Each and every hotel in Tashkent offer free Wi-Fi for their guests*, but you have ti ask for a key every day. *

*We’re unsure about Hilton Tashkent, because on their site it's said they include Wi-Fi service in Silver Card set and nothing is being said about casual one.

Wi-Fi spots in trains such as ‘Afrosiyob’ still doesn’t exist. However, in districts every respectable cafe, restaurant or oshxona offer free Wi-Fi for their guests - you just need to ask barista about it. 

Mobile Internet is unstable in regions but Tashkent is fully covered with 4G web and around centre there are also public test 5G spots. We can purchase for you any SIM-card with an amount of traffic you need, just let us know at least 2 days before arrival.

Or, you can purchase them on your own - at the national airport of Tashkent named after Islom Karimov. There are 3 mobile operators are represented - we suggest to use Beeline or Uzmobile. The stands of SIM-cards are located at the middle of arrival hall #3.

Average cost would be $7 up to $15, depends how much traffic and minutes you will need. You can pay with your Visa/MasterCard or use Uzbek cash. 

The speed of Uzbek Internet will be enough to check out messengers or e-mail but scrolling down Instagram or YouTube will be tough. No one of famous social media site is blocked in Uzbekistan - modern government supports with both hands Uzbek freedom of speech. 

Welcome to Uzbekistan! Please, enjoy your stay and post as many beautiful pictures of Uzbekistan to your socials as you can!  

We support you! :)

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