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Shamun-Nabi Mausoleum

Shamun-Nabi Mausoleum is located on the northern hill of Mizdakhan. Structure was erected in the 18th century in honor of the legendary magician of Central Asia. The uniqueness of the mausoleum is that it has seven domes, which corresponds to the number of magician’s daughters.
According to legend there was buried the magician, but after opening the tomb, the scientists found that it was empty. Shamun Nabi the preacher, who came on the ground before the messengers of the Prophet Muhammad, called on people to believe in one God. Shamun Nabi possessed with supernatural powers - he healed the sick from their ailments, could understand the language of wild animals, controlled the weather and the movement of the heavenly bodies.
Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about what religion was a preacher and where was he from. His mausoleum with a high portal and seven domes stretches 25 meters in length. There is a long tomb inside the mausoleum, reminding the tomb of the prophet Daniel in Samarkand.



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