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Kavat-Kala fortress

  Kavat-Kala fortress is a unique monument of the middle Ages, which stretches for 15 km, its width is 2-3 km along Gavhore Channel. Until recently, there were seen ruins of residential buildings and clay buildings. As many centuries ago, now the fortress is an oasis. It is known that the fortress existed in 12-13 centuries. Most likely, it was destroyed by the Mongol invasion.

  During the excavations in 1937, 1940 and 1956 peasant estates were found in the castle of the ruler and hall with columns, decorated with wood carvings. As a population of various ages lived in this territory, clay tableware of 9-11 ages and various household items (4th century BC) were found by archaeologists.

  From 12th to 13th centuries, the central part of Kavat-Kala was very populated. Sometime there were existed 90 estates. The territory of Kavat Kala is a complex of monuments, located in the town of Ellikkala Bustan. Kavat-Kala fortress (160-190 meters) is the central monument of the oasis.

  Currently Kavat-Kala fortress is subject to considerable research, which requires a detail study of the history and archeology.


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