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Nekropolis Mizdahkan

Nekropolis Mizdahkan(4th century BC) is situated in the surroundings of Nukus city. The cemetery is located on three hills. The complex includes the fortress Gyaur-Kala, the mausoleum Shamun-nabi, Mazlumhan Sulu, Halfa Erejep and Caravanseray. Its total square is 200 hectares.

It is believed that there is the tomb of Adam. According to the opinion of the scientists, Gayomarda – the first men of Zoroastrian mythology was buried here. During the excavations, unique burials were found here: coins, glass, various domestic utensils, gold and jewelries of the Indian Ocean. This place is full of mystery and mysticism. It is believed that the World clock at the top of the mausoleum count the life of mankind. Every year the building loses one brick by brick and when all bricks fall, the world will end. It is also believed that if you lay down masonry of seven bricks, your wishes will come true. Those who wish are more than stones, so it is allowed to take another bricks but you mustn’t take away stones from here. It is a very bad sign.

Nowadays the architectural complex Mizdahkan is a modern Muslim cemetery which is visited by thousand pilgrims to prevent the end of the world, making masonry of seven bricks.


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