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Yurt camp Nurata

The yurt camp is located in 60 km. from a small local center – Nurata, near the lost village Dongelek, in the center of the Kyzyl Kum desert and 7 km. from the western shore of the Aydarkul lake.
On the way to the yurt camp you can visit «stone picture gallery» of old people in Sarmysh gorge. Here on the black basalt rocks more than 3000 images – petroglyphs were found. They depict animals, people, hunt scenes and way of life.
Eight holiday yurts are set in the yurt camp Nurata, it is not like asceticism. The yurts are decorated with hand-made carpets and shirdaks (stitched, and often colourful felt floor or wall-covering) of local skilled craftsmen in unusual rich entourage. Woven patterns and even lustres make the pleasure atmosphere. The ecological yurts are very clean; they are made of simple nature materials, such as wood, thick felt and poles, rolled from the fleece. It is cool in summer and warm in winter in the yurt. The construction is always developing. It is easily built and taken apart for one hour. The yurt of one family is removed on two horses or camels. The yurt camp is equipped with a stationary toilets and shower. You can spend the evening by the campfire, songs of the local akyn, admiring the calm atmosphere that is difficult to catch in a noisy city. One can make wishes during the star falling.
In the daytime you will be able to walk around the camp and ride on camels, which are specially trained. Having made 1-2 hour camel ride, you will see the inimitable in its beauty lake Aydarkul, which stretches 250 km. along the desert. Here you will have a chance to taste fresh fish, have a rest and even swim in warm waters and get a tan on the sandy shore.
The visit to the lost village, where local people saved ancient traditions and way of life, will deeply impress you.
In a small town at the border of the Nurata mountains and the desert it will be interesting for tourists to visit places of pilgrimage near the “sacred” spring “Chashma”, in which there are more than a thousand of “sacred fish”. Here you can see the irrigation systems – kyariz. They provide the valley with underground waters from the Nurata gorge.
Year after year the yurt camp is becoming more popular. It receives not only tourists from over the world, but also people, who come here to see famous places of interest in Uzbekistan. Even the employees of the embassies and international organizations, joint stocks and their guests come here with pleasure to rest and spend their vacations far away from civilization. For this period or even several days you will be able to rest and get many new impressions.


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