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Сhashma complex

 Chashma complex is one of most important religious complexes in the Nurata city of Navoi region. It consists of some religious monuments: source, well, mosque Juma and mazar Nur-ota. Local people believe that the source is holy and heals all deseases. The constant temperature of the water in the holy spring is 19,5 degrees.  According to the researches of the experts, the water consists of 15 minerals including gold, silver, iodine and bromine. There are small fishes – marinka, they are also sacred, and that’s why they are not eaten.

There is the Juma mosque above the source. It has big columns and one of the largest dome (diameter is 16 metre). There is a legend about the origin of this holy place. It is said that a meteorite fell here 40 thousand years ago, and therefore the holy spring appeared here. Local people accepted it as a divine “Nur” – “Ray”, hence the name of the settlement Nurata. There is mazar Nur-ata on the south-west side of the source. When visiting this complex, each pilgrim prays in front of his grave. There is a well near the source; its depth is 6 metre. There is also a plant – issyryk. Everybody ties a ribbon hoping that all dreams will come true.

Every year Chashma complex is visited not only by tourists but thousand believers because it is one of the important centres in Nurata and Navoi region.  


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