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  Ancient settlement Yerkurgan is located 10 kilometers north-west of the modern town Karshi. It consists of two parts: the inner and outer cities, both sides of which are surrounded by monumental walls. According to archaeological data, the first settlements appeared here in the 8th century BC. The first archeological excavations were held here by archaeologist S.K. Kabanov in 1948. Thanks to these findings, it is known that there used to be the palace complex, citadel, churches, craftsmen’s quarters. Yerkurgan was an important stopping point of caravans, as there was trade between merchants, as evidenced by the large number of coins, found in front of a blacksmith shop. However, in VI century the city was destroyed during the conquest of the Turks. Ancient finds of Yerkurgan settlement can be seen in “Afrasiab” museum in Samarkand..

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