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Chiyal Bazaar

There is an unremarkable at first sight Chiyal Bazaar in Kashkadarya region in Uzbekistan. Nevertheless, here you can meet a buyer and seller from a nice town Samarkand, noble Bukhara, distant Fergana Valley, Tajikistan, Termez, separated by a vast steppe and Turkmenistan.

Having arrived here, you will think there were preserved remarkable creations of ancient architecture, something like the Registan or the Acropolis, the remains of palaces or trading domes. Nothing of the kind. There is an amazing monument of the past living in the soul of people. It is said different about Chiyal Bazaar. Allegedly, you can buy everything what there is in the world. There are many counters here. Most of them are the products of craftsmen, which attract tourists.

Here you can see painted caskets and pottery, and decorative ornaments and many others. There are colorful carpets of hand embroidery, a great variety of colorful beshik (wooden cradles), skullcaps, looking at them; one can determine where the product was made. As local people are mainly engaged in animal husbandry, there is a big choice of livestock. And of course you will be glad by oriental fruits. There are ripe vegetables and fruits, snow-white hills of rice, oriental colorful spices of all kinds.

But people come here not only to buy something; apparently they are attracted by the opportunity to realize the eternal desire of Easterners to communicate, hungry to know others. Chiyal Bazaar is a living history full of vibrant life.


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