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"Jahongir B&B" Hotel

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94 Qurgontepa street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center 5 km, Airport 10 km
Closest subway: Tinchlik

Private guest house "Jahongir" in Tashkent, a branch of the Samarkand hotel "Jahongir" - an amazing place where you can feel the hospitality of the Uzbek family.

The guest house is located in the old town area, 500 meters from the Tinchlik metro station and 2 km from the Chorsu bazaar and, perhaps, in Tashkent’s most famous mahalla, Chagatai.

This is where you can find the best traditional food. There are numerous home-style restaurants, where you can try a lovely kebab, according to many guests of Uzbekistan, who have no equal delicacy in the world, salads and soups. Not far from the hotel there are also unique monuments of architecture

Check-ins & check-outs are standart. Don't forget about your breakfast!