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"Arien Plaza" Hotel

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47, Bogibuston, Tashkent
Distance to: City center 6 km, Airport 5 km
Closest subway: Mirzo Ulug'bek

The hotel «Arien Plaza» is located in one of prestigious and environmentally safe districts of Tashkent: ten minutes driving from the center, international airport, and railway station. The peaceful and quiet area conduces to pleasant pastime, fruitful work, and excellent rest. Owing to fortunate location, You can get to the various entertaining and business - centers, tourist attractions, hypermarkets or theatres from the hotel with equal ease. The well trained, highly skilled personnel of our hotel is always at your disposal. The managers are ready to call a taxi, assist in arranging of excursion, organize a tour, or recommend one of many perfect restaurants of Tashkent at any time.

Total number of rooms - 32, 3 luxury rooms, 7 junior suites,

22 standard rooms with twin beds.