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 Asraf Village

    Asraf is a small village immersed in the green blossoming valley and surrounded by gorgeous Nurata rocky mounts. The mild favorable climate and close proximity of the Nurata National Park-Reserve and Lake Aydarkul make this unique place attractive not only for naturalists travelers, but also for active trekking and hiking groups.

    In the serene countryside on the northern part of the National park, the main attractions of the region have been preserved. The day program in Asraf surroundings can include a visit to ancient petroglyphs while taking light hiking in the village suburbs with relaxing time in the evening in the cozy atmosphere of the local guest house.

    Local residents of mountain villages such as Asraf and the nearby villages of Sentyab, Ukhum, Khayat are hospitable people who warm welcome dear guests with wonderfully flavored green tea, oriental sweets, seasonal fruits, freshly baked homemade Uzbek bread and many other delicious dishes served on a traditional table-dastarkhan.

    Following an agrarian lifestyle, the locals carefully cultivate their private gardens, maintaining balanced unity with nature. It is especially pleasant to take active hiking trips in the Nurata mountains and villages in the spring-summer period, to take part in the national holiday Navruz, to spend a relaxing time in stunning nature, to spend unforgettable spring or summer vacations away from the noisy crowded historical cities.

    The convenient location of the villages of Uhum, Eski Forish, Sentab, Asraf between Samarkand, Navoi, and Bukhara makes it possible to diversify classic programs in the main cities of the Great Silk Road with short eco-tours to the Nurata Mountains and Lake Aydarkul, to feel the cultural flavor and customs of Uzbekistan from the inside.

Make yourself at home in the national guesthouses of charming Nurata!


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