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 Guides in Uzbekistan

Local guides 

Most of the classic private tours and individual and family tour packages around Uzbekistan include the services of professional licensed local English-speaking guides in the main and historical cities of Uzbekistan – Tashkent, Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara, Shahrisabz, Samarkand, Termez, Kokand, Fergana. The standard excursions in the cities usually last 4 - 6 hrs (about 2-2, 5 hrs in Shahrisabz). By request, the standard city tours may be extended and include guided visits to museums, performances, events, fairs and other attractions of touristic interests.

Escorting guides and accompanying staff

The group tours, premium, MICE and VIP travel packages usually require more flexibility from the guides and experience in coordination the large groups to follow the program itinerary. We offer the escorting guide services for the large groups and tourists, who prefer to have hand-to hand guiding services throughout the tour. There are fewer German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian-speaking local guides than English and Russian speaking guides in the cities, therefore for German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian-speaking groups and tailor-made private tours we may offer the escorting guide services. According to the group programs, the guides may accompany the group during the train tours and flights facilitating the baggage issues, meals arrangements in the cities and timing.

Please note the guides may stay in the different hotels, that the group hotel accommodation, guide services are not included for leisure, free days, free time and night activities, unless they are preliminary agreed.

All the expenses of the escorting guide during the tour- guide accommodation, train and air tickets, and necessary transfers will be included in the guide service prices.

If the group is quite large the tour leader from the company can accompany the group in order to coordinate the meals, accommodation, excursions, transporting and other arrangements throughout the tour.

Special free of charge conditions for tour leaders escorting the group from tourist side can be introduce by request.

Mice packages will be presented by company or organization request with special itinerary and prices. Depending on business and incentive aims the MICE program may include the guide-interpreter services during the meetings, conferences and other events, local guides for excursions or escorting guide, tour coordinators or accompany personnel for sightseeing trips in Uzbekistan. 

Mountain guides

Tours to Chimgan Mountains are based on leisure guideless activities, nature watching and transfers from Tashkent to Charvak reservoir and Chimgan Mountains. Amirsoy resort offers the services of skiing instructors and special skiing equipment, which the tourists may book at the resort.

By request, we may offer the English - Russian speaking professional mountain guide services for those tourists who would like to enjoy 1-2 days active hiking, trekking and skiing in the mountains. We kindly suggest early booking of the mountains tours with guides, as most of them are booked in advance.

Nature and birdwatching guides 

Escorting English- Russian speaking guides-ornithologists services can be included in the birdwatching tours in Uzbekistan. Most birdwatching sessions like trip to Kyzylkum desert for key bird Pander Ground Jay, nature and birdwatching in Chimgan mountains, usually start very early in the morning and take countryside trips. All the necessary expenses of the escorting ornithologist shall be included in the package – accommodations, meals, train and air tickets, all the necessary transfers. Please note that escorting ornithologist will be responsible for birdwatching part and may accompany the group to facilitate booking the restaurants, accommodation, transfers timing, but cannot provide excursion services in the historical cities, except only overall sightseeing. We may suggest professional local guides for culture sightseeing part of BW tours in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other cities.

There are quite few professional ornithologists-naturalists and they are usually booked in advance for spring birdwatching season. Early booking of the BW tours is recommended.

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