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Uzbekistan tours

Uzbekistan is a beautiful Central Asian country with glorious history of the Great Silk Road cities, the capitals in the great empires of fierce conquerors and wise governors that is reflected and carefully cherished in various ancient artefacts and architectural sights under the protection of UNESCO, delicious cuisine, exquisite handicrafts, fascinating fables, legends and age-old traditions of friendship and hospitality.

Anur Tour is glad to present a special line of private tours with reasonable price range based on direct flights itinerary that will suit to everyone – solo travelers, couples, families or large groups. Discover the pearls of Central Asia - ancient cities Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand as well as the magnanimous Uzbekistan natural sights for nature and birdwatching of Aral Sea, Kyzylkum desert, Nurata mounts, blooming Fergana valley and gorgeous Chimgan mountains.

The tour packages can be a great base for extended Central Asian tours with sightseeing trips to Kunya Urgench and Darvaza gas crater, ancient Merv fortresses, Seven lakes of Marguzor near Penjikent, Khujand, Osh and Uzgen, Turkestan and Yassi sacred sites.

Your Uzbekistan journey to eastern fairytale starts now!

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