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Memorial complex Dorus Saodat

  Memorial complex Dorus Saodat means «power receptacle», its construction was begun in 1380. This grand complex was designed for the disposal of Timur and all his descendants. The main facade is a powerful portal with towers, unfortunately only partial contours were survived from it. There is the mausoleum of Jehangir, which is well preserved.

  Jehangir was the eldest son of Timur but in 1376 he suddenly died. This sad event was the occasion for construction of memorial complex Dorus Saodat. The mausoleum of Jehangir was richly decorated with gold, azure and tiles. There was garden with ponds. In 1394 Umarshayh who was the second son of Timur died, his body was buried in Dorus Saodat.

  Later, Timur ordered to build the tomb for himself but it was not finished. However, thanks to archaeological research, there was found the crypt of Amir Timur. Walls, floors, arches and dome structures are made of light gray marble limestone. There is a marble sarcophagus in the centre, which is covered with a huge monolithic slab. It is one of the most majestic and grand structures of Amir Timur’ epoch.

  The complex Dorus Saodat conceals a lot of mysteries and puzzles, but it is one of the most magnificent architectural ensembles of Shahrisabz.


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