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Ak-Saray Palace

One of the greatest buildings in Shahrisabze is Ak-Saray Palace (Timur’s recidence), which in Uzbek means "white palace". After Kuksaray and Buston Saray buildings in Samarkand, Timur wished to build larger palace in his hometown. So, in 1380 the construction of the majestic Ak-Saray Palace was begun.
Construction works, which were conducted under the direction of Amir Timur, lasted for 24 years. Its construction was completed a few months before the death of the great conqueror. Ak-Saray palace consisted of a large number of buildings, including several courtyards, around which were quarters and rooms for public use. Facades of buildings were covered with colored tiles, rooms were decorated with golden sapphire. There was a beautiful pool on the roof of the palace.
Many different styles and colors were used in the architecture of the building. This is explained by the fact that the construction of the grand palace was built by masters from different parts of Asia. Art motifs of different people create picturesque view of Ak-Saray.
In the era of the Timurid Ak-Saray Palace was the largest in Central Asia. Today, we can see only two majestic pylons. Along with other monuments of Shahrisabz, Ak-Saray is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.


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