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Norbuta-biy Madrassah

  One of the magnificent structures of Kokand architects is Norbuta-biy madrassah. This monumental building was built in 1799 on Chorsu square, sometime before death of one of the famous Kokand ruler Norbuta-biy.
  It is rectangular building with an area of 52x72 metres. There are one-storey cells – khujdras on the perimeter of a square yard. The completion of a grand appearance of Norbuta-biy madrassah are cylindrical towers, peshtak and double arch. There are also rooms - khujdras (accommodation for pupils), mosque and darshana (room for students). The interior of the building is simple: white walls are covered with ganch, its façade is not decorated. Despite, Norbuta-biy madrassah was the largest religious center of Kokand.




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