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Khudoyarkhan Palace

  Khudoyarkhan Palace is a fortified building, erected in 1871. The building area is 4 hectares, width is 65 m. The portal is decorated with two towers – guldasta, entrance doors are decorated with carved majolica. There is a minaret on the left side of the complex, covered with ceramic tiles of colored silks of Fergana.

  The room of darvazhona is decorated with large Ganch pattern. The decoration of the ensemble includes all kinds of traditional arts and crafts. The ceiling is covered with carved grooves with golden patterns. In 1924, there was opened agricultural exhibition of the Fergana region. There was a sign with the name of Khudoyarkhan above the entrance, as well as the minaret, decorated with ceramics was on the right side. The palace consisted of 119 rooms and 7 yards.

  The main ornament of the palace was, of course, the throne room. There also was a separate room for the court, private room of Khan and his four wives, as well as the harem with 40 concubines. Khan’s throne of precious stones is in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Now visitors can see only ruins of 19 rooms with two courtyards and mosaic ornaments on the facade of the palace. Today, there is the local museum, which holds a lot of unique items.


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