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Jami complex

The construction of the grand mosque Jami was begun at the beginning of the XIX century during the reign of Khan Umarkhan. Mosque area is quite large - 97.5 x 25.5 m. It is a rectangular building with aivan and khanaka in the center. Aivan is supported with 98columns of carved wood; its area is 9x25 m. There are ten columns, covered with beautiful carvings inside khanaka. The main façade of the mosque is faced to the east. The ceiling is painted in the typical style of the Ferghana valley; it is decorated with geometric and floral patterns.
In 1852 during the reign of Khudoyr-khan, near the mosque, was built the minaret height of almost 22 meters, from which prayers of the faithful were heard. It is decorated with six-sided lantern under a faceted dome. Thanks to its majestic size, the whole Kokand could be seen from the top of the minaret. Today, Jami complex is the famous monument of Asian architecture. Its beauty and nobility are in the line with the famous monuments of Bukhara and Samarkand.


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