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Kyzyl-Kala Fortress

  Kyzyl-Kala Fortress («red fortress») is located not far from Toprak-Kala, 27 km from Biruni town. The total area of the fortress is 65х63 metre. For the first time the monument was opened in 1938 by members of the Khoresm archaeological and ethnographic expedition.

  Most likely the ancient structure was built as a defensive fortress and was part of a chain of Khorezm fortifications, created by the state for protection of north-east borders of ancient Khorezm. The fortress’ walls were so thick (8 metres) that enemies were not able to get into the interior, using battering ram. Besides, Kyzyl-Kala Fortress functioned as the centre of the agricultural area and crossroads of of caravan routes which passed through through the ridge Sultanuizdag.

  According to the beliefs of the inhabitants, there is a many kilometers underground tunnel in Kyzyl-kala Fortress, where allegedly evil spirits of the dessert and souls of ancestors are inhabited, also glut of wealth is hidden.


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