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Archive of Blog: April 2012

Uzbek wedding
Published: 30 april 2012

Different kinds of events are frightfully loved in the East. And Uzbekistan is not the exception. If you have ever read the Eastern tales, you know that they all finish like this: at the end they got married, and they were celebrating the wedding for 40 days and 40 nights, and they lived for a long time and were happy…Of course forty days weddings may be only in the tales. But, nevertheless, in the East the weddings are very big and they are hold at least 2-3 days. In Uzbekistan all events are called Tuy. Wedding – nikokh tuy, child birth – beshik tuy, circumcision of the son according to the Muslim traditions – sunnat tuy and etc.The celebrations are prepared and directed by women. Men are breadwinners, and they have no time to be busy about the holiday rush, and that is why men have no time for these traditions and ceremonies. Men usually solve key issues and p...

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