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Archive of Blog: December 2018

Legend about Minaret Kalyan
Published: 14 december 2018

Minaret Kalyan is the main symbol of holly Bukhara.Minaret Kalyan is strong, majestic and balanced in its monumental and a little bit massive shapes. At the same time it is distinct, clear and filigree fine worked in all details. Its proportions, divisions are of big taste.During many centuries minaret Kalyan survived all earthquakes, which destroyed many tall constructions in Uzbekistan. The secret of its stability is in empirically right found correlations of the parts of the building, in the construction of its fundament, in a good quality of the brickwork.There are notes on its three belts: date of construction – 1127, name of the donor – ruler of Bukhara Arslankhan and the name of the constructor – usto Bako.There are many legends about Minaret Kalyan. The name is translated as “Big tower”, “Tower of death”. In ancient times many people were...

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