Tours To Uzbekistan

 Sights of Uzbekistan

Green city Shakhrisabz


The small city Shakhrisabz ("green city" from Persian) lies just 90 kilometers south from Samarkand, at the foot of the Gissar and Zarafshan rang...

Memorial complex Dorus Saodat


  Memorial complex Dorus Saodat means «power receptacle», its construction was begun in 1380. This grand complex was designed for the...

Kok-Gumbaz Mosque


  One of the majestic and memorial complexes of Shahrisabz city is Kok-Gumbaz mosque “Blue Dome”. The mosque was built in 1435 on the...

Ak-Saray Palace


One of the greatest buildings in Shahrisabze is Ak-Saray Palace (Timur’s recidence), which in Uzbek means "white palace". After Kuksaray and Bus...