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Tours To Uzbekistan

 Sights of Uzbekistan

Sarmysh gorge


 Sarmysh gorge, the area of the massif Bukantau is located near Navoi city. At the end of the 80-s of the 20th century there were rumours in this...

Yurt camp Nurata


The yurt camp is located in 60 km. from a small local center – Nurata, near the lost village Dongelek, in the center of the Kyzyl Kum desert and...

Сhashma complex


 Chashma complex is one of most important religious complexes in the Nurata city of Navoi region. It consists of some religious monuments: source...

Zaravshan River


  Zaravshan River flows on the territory of Central Asia. It is an ancient feeder of Amudarya River. In ancient times, the local people called th...