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Novruz is a holiday of spring,Sumalyak

Published: 18 march 2013

Novruz  is a holiday of  spring, it is celebrated on 21th of March, it is the beginning of the New Year, in Persian means “now”(new) and “ruz”(day).This holiday has being celebrated for several millennium. It’s belived   that in this day people come into full harmony with nature. Before the beginning of the holiday people do cleaning- they  whitewash  trees, clean irrigation ditches. Everybody has  fun, dance, give gifts to each other, do charity. All relatives gather in the house. Halim, special plov are prepared at this holiday but the chief custom in Navruz  celebration  is  a New Year treat-Sumalyak  is the dish prepared in open fire from flour and wheat, sometimes species are put  there. Sprouted grain is the symbol of life, health and  prosperity. According to the legend, Sumalyak is prepared singing funny songs, dancing and telling different stories. The stones are put in sumalyak  in order  the dish doesn’t burn. It’s belived that if somebody find the stone, he will be happy and all wishes come true. First everybody congratulate the parents, then members of the family, relatives, friends and   neighbours.  Novruz means New Year, New Day. This Holiday is considered the official and it’s celebrated by all people in Uzbekistan.