Tours To Uzbekistan

Visa free regime for Uzbekistan stay up to 10 days for Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrein and China citizens

Published: 12 february 2021

Non-Visa regime to visit Uzbekistan for a stay up to 10 days has been established for  5 more countries starting from March 1, 2021. The citizens of Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrein and China (including Hong Kong and Makao) are welcome to visit Uzbekistan for 10 day non- visa trip. The visitors of these countries must present the return tickets to the country of residence or third countries. 

Following the decree of promoting the cultural and religious tourism in Uzbekistan, a wide range of pilgrimage ziyorat tours, culture tours and direct tours from Dubai and other cities will be a great tailor – made travelling options for dear guests.

From 2018 the visa free conditions have been launched for about 85 countries and about 100 countries could take non- visa transit tours. More details about the visa in Uzbekistan here.