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The Festival "Toshkent bahori"

Published: 23 may 2013
From 16 to 27 May the third international festival of opera and ballet "Tashkent bahori" - "Tashkent Spring" will be held in Uzbekistan, at the Palace of Arts "Turkistan". Palace of Arts "Turkistan" will open its doors to the famous opera and ballet masters from Italy, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

The festival "Tashkent Spring" is a powerful impetus to the expansion of international creative communications, glorifying the ideas of peace, friendship and mutual understanding. The main goals of the festival are the acquaintance with the achievements of Uzbekistan in the development of opera and ballet art and the progress achieved in this field in other countries, as well as strengthening and expanding of international cooperation of creative people.

As reported earlier, the festival will be attended not only by artists but also producers, managers, directors of theaters so that to discuss future development plans and cooperation. The festival will be attended by the best representatives of opera art and conductors from Italy, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.