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Tashkent zoo has been enriched with exotic animals

Published: 11 december 2012

Novosibirsk Zoo passed animals to Tashkent one: two markhors, musk hog, Cameroonian goat, raccoon dog, three otters and two coatis.
The export of animals was carried out in compliance with all the necessary requirements. The veterinary control over the export of zoo animals was held at a checkpoint across the state border of the airport "Tolmachevo" by the inspectors of the governance of Russian agricultural control in Novosibirsk region.
As it is known, in November from Tashkent to Novosibirsk Zoo a couple of langurs was delivered. We’ll note that in Russian zoos this kind of animals is found only in Novosibirsk zoo. In addition, Tashkent zoo handed the female of binturong (wild animal, of the family of civets, a relative of Genetta) to form a pair of the male of binturong, that inhabits here.