Tours To Uzbekistan

The Silk Road destination was admitted as the most wanted in 2020

Published: 25 october 2019

The site called Lonely Planed has put Central Asia and Uzbekistan in particular in the top 10 counties you have to visit in 2020!

Publishers say that 'the Central Asian Silk Road is now more accessible for the modern traveler' and that they never felt a danger during tours to Uzbekistan. 

Among our home country, there were also Japan, the USA, and Italy. These countries are known for beautiful and stunning views, good service and helpful staff. 

Area of Central Asia attracts everyone with its ancient buildings, charming culture & history, traditions and of course foods. 


"The ancient cities, bustling bazaars and wild landscapes of Central Asia are drawing increasing numbers of visitors looking for adventure along one of history’s most storied travel routes. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan all now offer either visa-free access or e-visas for the majority of the world’s citizens; and the region is moving towards a unified ‘Silk Road’ visa.

Meanwhile massive transportation and infrastructure investment – much of it under the aegis of China’s Belt and Road Initiative – make travelling the modern Silk Road more accessible than ever before." - the site says.