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Thel festival "Shark taronalari"

Published: 23 may 2013

 The festival "Shark taronalari" 

On the initiative of the Head of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov,  International Festival “Sharq taronalari” will be held from 25th till 30 of August in Samarkand. The representatives from different countries will please their guests by colorful performances, live music and national traditions and customs.

The other day the first meeting of the organizing committee on preparations for the festival was held in the conference room of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. During the meeting it was announced that the participants from 37 countries will take a part in the project. It is considerably more than last year.

Opening of the festival will be bright and spectacular and the host country Uzbekistan will show their visitors the wealth of its history and culture. There will be many people in the event, that’s why it is planned to prepare a number of stage areas.