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"Surnay" - musical instrument

Information about Musical instrument "Surnay":

Uzbek national wind instrument in the form of a tube, broad at the base. Its length is about 450-550 mm. In the narrow upper part of the instrument there is a small wooden pipe, which carries a thin metal tube inside. This small metal tube is made of bamboo plates, surrounded by a metal ring. There is a small plate below the metal pipe, which is called sadat. Musicians firmly press their lips to the little plate.
 Double-reed of this instrument sounds only if the artist makes a lot of effort. Location of holes not only expands the range of the sound device, but also produces clearer sounds.
 Surnay, because of its rare and powerful sound, became one of the main instruments. Surnay is widely used in the ensembles in a variety of national celebrations such as wedding ceremonies, the birth of a child. The repertoire is diverse, that is why surnay is widely used. Surnay is a singing instrument; it can also make a continuous legato.
The methods used for playing on surnay include melismathics and frequent forschlags with jumps and relatively wide intervals. These jumps are used not only at the beginning of melodic declines but also in the middle.

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