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"Doira" - musical instrument

Information about Musical instrument "Doira":

Undoubtedly, the most favorite percussion instrument of the Uzbeks is doira. One side of the wooden rim with diameter up to fifty centimetres is covered with tight leather membrane, whereas sixty metal rings are fixed on the other side. With fingers of both hands a musician beats out a tattoo on the tightly stretched leather and at the same time he shakes doira thus accompanying the rhythmic sound strikes with melodical chime of the rings. In the hands of a virtuoso doira-player performing usul - a rhythmic accompaniment of dances and singing, doira can produce tender sounds resembling rustling of the wind, or loud drumming, like a spring thunder. At the parties for lack of doira the girls accompany their dancing with improvised musical instruments: a metal plate liagan or a tray which help them produce rhythm similar to that of a doira.


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