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"Dutor" - musical instrument

Information about Musical instrument "Dutor":

Dutor literally means "two strings". It is a traditional two-stringed musical instrument among the peoples of Central Asia and South Asia. Usually dutor’s length is from 1 to 2 meters with a pear-shaped resonator and a highly elongated neck with a fingerboard.
Dutor appeared in about XV century among the shepherds. At the beginning the strings for dutor were made of animal guts. Later, thanks to the development of trade along the Silk Road, the strings were made of twisted silk. In the producing of modern strings silk or nylon is also used. The body of dutor is made of mulberry wood, and is encrusted with a bone.
Dilettantes may think that this musical instrument is very primitive: no fancifulness, no artistic pretentiousness and decorative ornaments. However, the appearance is seeming. The severity and harmony lines of dutor are reduced to high art. And the musician should have excellent skills to play the melody of his soul with the help of just two strings! The sound is characterized by warm and gentle tones.
Dutor is an integral part of the centuries-old musical culture of the Uzbek people. Folk singers perform on dutors at all Uzbek festivals: wedding public holidays and others.

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