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"Rubab" - musical instrument

Information about Musical instrument "Rubab":

    Rubab - stringed bowed instrument of Arab origin. Rubab has a convex wooden case (round or oval), the leather deck, 4-6 gut, silk or metal strings, usually tuned in fourths, and the resonating strings. Rubabs of 800-1000 mm length are the most common. The sound is usually extracted with the mediator. There are 3 types of reconstructed rubabs in the Uzbek Orchestra of folk instruments: prima, alto, tenor.
Musicians play rubab with the bow, holding the instrument on their laps. Solo is performed on rubab and with the help of rubab the singing is accompanied.
    Variety of rubab under different names are found among various peoples of the East .According to the location and distribution of certain features of the instrument there are Afghan, Dulan, Kashgar, Pamir and other rubabs. The most popular are Tajik (Afghan) and Kashgar rubabs.
    Rubab  is a common musical instrument of the peoples of Central Asia. We also know that Rubab is played in North Africa and, as it is not surprising, in the southern provinces of Spain.
     In the XII century rubab was borrowed to Europe under the name “rebek”. In Turkey, there is a three-stringed rubab. The Persians have an instrument similar to rubab - "rabet barbitus."

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