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Musical Instruments of Uzbekistan


Undoubtedly, the most favorite percussion instrument of the Uzbeks is doira. One side of the wooden rim with diameter up to fifty centimetres is cover...
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    Rubab - stringed bowed instrument of Arab origin. Rubab has a convex wooden case (round or oval), the leather deck, 4-6 gut, silk or met...
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Nay - Uzbek wind instrument. In form and sound it resembles a flute. Usually nay is made of bamboo tree, as well as sheet metal and brass.Nay is a tra...
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Sato (or "tanbur") - is an ancient oriental stringed bowed musical instrument with a pear-shaped body, passing into a long neck with frets and three s...
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Uzbek national wind instrument in the form of a tube, broad at the base. Its length is about 450-550 mm. In the narrow upper part of the instrument th...
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Dutor literally means "two strings". It is a traditional two-stringed musical instrument among the peoples of Central Asia and South Asia. Usually dut...
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