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Fergana city is located in eastern Uzbekistan on the southern edge of the Fergana Valley, it is the administrative center of Fergana region. Fergana city is situated at an altitude of 610 meters above sea level, about 420 km. east of Tashkent.
Fergana consists of 11 human settlements. The population is about 230 000 people, townsmen - 229,8 thousand (99,9%) and countrymen – 200 people. Uzbeks - 65,8%, Tajiks - 3%, Russian - 18% and other ethnic groups (Tatars, Kyrgyz, Ukrainians, Jews, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Koreans).
Fergana is a rather large industrial center of Uzbekistan, it takes the second place on volume producing. Chemical, petrochemical, food, light industries, furniture industry, construction materials, machinery, metal processing, electronics play a special role in the industrial sector. The main types of goods are petrochemicals, fertilizers, glass and glassware, cement, various electrical appliances and tools, machinery and etc.
The places of interest in Fergana: Family tomb of Kokand khans - architectural complex Dakhma-and-Shahanarchitectural complex Pir Siddik, Old fortress, Said Ahmad-khoja Madrasah, Ferghana Regional Russian Drama Theatre (former governor's House),  officer’s house (former Military Assembly), one of the oldest museums in Uzbekistan - Fergana Regional Museum, administrative building of Fergana University (former Men's Gymnasium).


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